Tanzania Camping Safaris

Tanzania Camping Safaris

Camping Safaris are for people who like to experience East Africa off the beaten track while camping in remote and less explored areas.

Our camping safaris let you experience the East African wilderness very close to hand. Unlike the campsites in other parts of Africa, the ones in Tanzania tend not to be fenced and it is quite likely that you may find an elephant wandering between the tents or you may bump into a buffalo on your way to the shower.

There is no cause for alarm and no need to fret, you just need to relax as our experienced guides will look after you and our safari cooks will treat and spoil you with their excellent culinary skills.

By the time you have returned after a day’s adventure on safari in Tanzania, with the sun setting over the Savannah and a lion roaring in the distance, you will know that you have left your every day life far, far away.

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